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Are You Ready to Do Some Yoga? it's "A Heart Healing"... with LoVe

Tomorrow begins my third week after surgery and I don't know about YOU, but I'm ready to do some Yoga! I usually start my classes saying something like, "Who's ready to do some yoga?" I feel like when you walk into the room and you're lying on the mat, it's time, time for you, time for me, time to practice. We must be ready to take care of ourselves, to remember to LoVE ourselves. Take time out of your day, your life... to just take care of you! Are you ready?

below is "A HEART HEALING" - A Full Hour Yoga Flow

I promised the doctor and my family I would nothing for the first two weeks and I have kept my promise. However, starting tomorrow I Am ready to begin my own practice, just a little tiny bit. This is why I AM writing to you today. As I begin, once again to go from surgery flat on my back to a full yoga practice, I have to remember my own lessons. So I will repeat here, some of the things I AM telling myself as I begin, so maybe some of these things will resonate within you as well. I hope you can find some sort of inspiration or motivation to begin your own practice.

PATIENCE - OMGoodness, Patience is KEY! Never before have I been more reminded for myself as well as others, patience with your body. If you LoVe your body, it WILL LoVe you.

IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT - IF IT DOES'T FEEL GOOD - DON'T - I can't tell people often enough, "No pain with no gain, is not always the case. You can have plenty of gain, without having pain. Growth pain is good, but injury pain is not. When you are practicing, listen really listen to your body. Check your form, to be sure you don't hurt yourself, but mostly, make sure it feels good. I AM convinced, if it feels good when you are practicing, the more you will want to practice. The more you practice, the more you can do. The more you can do, the more you want to practice. A Beautiful Yogic Circle! GO AT YOUR OWN PACE - Its really just that simple. Don't try to do everything all at once. Do what you can as you can. Just like with if it feels good, don't set up expectations, based off of what you see. Set up goals off of what you wish to accomplish, then you can succeed.

I AM ON THIS JOURNEY TO SUCCEED - Will you join me? Starting over is just like starting from the beginning. I see this video of myself above and wonder when, how, will this be possible to do again. It will take time, patience and love of self. Our bodies have an incredible capacity to grow and learn. If we are determined and focused and love ourselves enough, to simply do the best we can, then we are already succeeding. Take your time, give yourself the grace to grow, one breath at a time. Please know that I Am here on this journey with YOU!

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