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Yoga for Stress and Anxiety ... Find Your Calm with Connie

Trying to find your calm in the middle of a stress storm... start by closing your eyes, closing your mouth, take one deep breath, in and out of your nose... while counting to 6.... take a few minutes sit and relax, try it with me....

Sometimes it seems the hardest thing to do is to breathe. Usually this is when you need to breathe the most... what do you do? I have found in my own personal experience, the first thing to do is close your eyes. Try your hardest to go inward, even if for only a minute. Stop everything, just focus on one clean breath. I use counting to six, to take your mind off of what ever it is that is upsetting you.. to focus on counting, to slow your heart down, calm all other thoughts, except... 1..2..3...4...5...6...... at which point, you will be taking at the very least, a single calm breath. Enough to count back down to one and try it again....

If you have time, and you are using this video to take a minute to yourself... keep the practice going, relax your shoulders, your neck, release some simple tension.... keep the breath going. This is your time, time for you to again, go inward, slow down the static or white noise of things distressing you and go to the calm, quiet inside. Your light, from within, this is where you will find what you need to keep you moving forward. "Breath of LoVE" one of my most favorites, bringing the light, the love in... Imagine all things that make you happy, all the things you desire, all the things you wish and hope for... and as you inhale, bring these things into life.... imagine them, just the way you wish them to be, coming into your life... just as the air is coming into your body. As you exhale push out the "Darkness."

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"..... Martin Luther King Jr

I truly believe, that if you bring so much light into your heart, into your life... by Loving Yourself... then there is simply no room for any darkness. It all starts with one single breath, stop, close your eyes, close your mouth, breathe in and out of your nose, count to six....

Have a beautiful rest of your day,


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