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Magical Monday Meditation

Mondays ARE Magical, because... anything can happen on a Monday...

For this Monday, with this video ... I wish to simply guide you through a gentle meditation that hopefully calms your body and mind, so that it leads you to find your own special mediation magic. I encourage you to find a quiet room and if you'd like, play some simple music in the background, or light candles and/or use essential oils. Make a place of comfort for you to be able to embrace your thoughts and your very personal light.

Lie down, sit up, really... whatever feels good to you, this is all about going inward... listening to your heart, listening your very personal thoughts, your own desires… Please allow my words to take you to a place where you feel good enough to continue on once this video ends. Please allow your thoughts to go... wherever your heart may lead.

As my students know, a regular part of my practice includes these thoughts. As, I truly do believe, each and every one of us is a beautiful vessel filled with light. Every time we practice, every time we meditate, every time we do something to honor ourselves, we are replenishing and refilling our personal lights. In that way, I believe, no matter how dark... any darkness may possibly seem, if WE continue to shine our lights brightly, then there will always be enough light for everyone to see.

We are beautiful people, we are LoVed and we are LoVing, we are having this beautiful experience we call Life... You simply need to remember to breathe....

As you inhale you fill your tummy full of air, breathing in... all things loving , kind, beautiful, joyous and good. You are inviting into your body, into your life ... LoVe and light, peace and hope, courage, wisdom, strength, integrity, honesty, clarity, gratitude. We are always, always... inviting gratitude into our hearts, our bodies, our souls.

As you exhale, you release that breath... slowly lowering your tummy down deep into your spine. You are releasing anything that no longer serves you, simply letting go. If its bothering you bugging you, breathe it out of your body, out of your thoughts, out of your life.

This is breathing through your diaphragm; this is your calming breath. This is the breath I hope you take in and out of your practices, as well as, eventually the breath you take in and out of your life. This is the breath we want to breathe when we are absolutely sure we cannot breathe. This is the breath that will stop us from hyperventilating. This is the breath that will help you find your calm.

It’s always about finding your calm, from within, within in your heart and your soul. Tying your breath to your body . Life… It Happens, every day, it is truly up to us, to learn to breathe our way though it. Take your time, in and out of your nose, find your quiet, your calm, from within…

Allow yourself... to go anywhere your mind takes you... you may not know where you are going... but it will never be boring. It Will be Enlightening.... Relax into it all .. and Always, remember to breathe…

From my heart to yours,


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