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Sunday Savasana - ANY time you need ... Are you sad, angry, confused,having a bad moment, feel like

Savasana is traditionally done at the end of a yoga practice. Designed to allow your body, your soul, the ability to process what you have just done. I started these videos with the idea of a Sunday Savasana, to take the time at the end of every week, to process what you have done during the week to prepare for a new.. However, sometimes, we just need to stop and find our calm. Sunday or not... Sometimes the thoughts swirling inside your head are just too much. Please, lie down, close your eyes, listen to some calming words.... relax and breathe...

I truly do believe that We are Beautiful People, We ARE Loved and We ARE Loving… All YOU have to do is to remember to “Breathe" Let YOUR Light Shine Brightly

There is a certain phrase I use when I teach in my classes, that is simply... "Life happens... every single day, whether we are are involved or not. Things change and life continues. The only thing we can control is how we deal with life... and it's changes. I always like to say to breathe in and out of the changes. We as a society are so very aware of time and timing. Our stress, our inability to breathe, comes from trying to control things we simply cannot. My friend has always used the expression "Divine Timing." My love has always said, "The big eye in the sky." Whatever your belief what we can all agree upon is the only thing in this life we can control is ourselves and our ability to "Breathe."

When we can take the time to quiet your own thoughts enough, to allow your body to relax, then can you learn to listen to your heart. When you listen to your own heart, to your breath, you can focus on what really matters. The rest will fall by the side. Life does not happen to us when we learn to stand for the beliefs in our heart. Then we are happening with life, harmoniously. We are one with our own peace.

Begin by lying down flat on your back, close your eyes and your mouth, with your arms relaxed gently beside you, your legs below you. You are simply focusing on your breath, deep cleansing breaths, in and out of your nose...

As you inhale you fill your tummy full of air, breathing in... all things loving , kind, beautiful, joyous and good. You are inviting into your body, into your life ... LoVe and light, peace and hope, courage, wisdom, strength, integrity, honesty, clarity, gratitude. We are always, always... inviting gratitude into our hearts, our bodies, our souls. All things beautiful, LoVing and good.

As you exhale, you release that breath slowly lowering your tummy down deep into your spine. You are releasing anything that no longer serves you, simply letting go. If its bothering you bugging you, breathe it out of your body, out of your thoughts, out of your life.

I truly believe that each and everyone of us is a beautiful vessel filled with light. Every time we practice, every time we meditate, every time we do something to honor ourselves we are replenishing and refilling our personal lights. In that way, I really do believe, that no matter how dark... any darkness may seem, if WE continue to shine our lights brightly, then there will always be enough light for everyone to see.

So when the thoughts become too much, or you feel an anger rising, or simply the loss of your calm. Stop, Drop and Savasana .. with ME!

As always... Love, Peace and from my heart to yours...


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