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Friday Forgiveness Flow... Pigeon

One of my favorites... It's Friday and we're gonna Flow with Forgiveness... Pigeon is about learning to forgive yourself as well as others.... It's time again to forgive and move forward with LoVe...

As with all my videos please only do what you can, what feels good to you, if it doesn't feel good, please don't. Take your body to the most comfortable version or modification you need then follow your form and your breath to increase your stretch further into the pose at your own timing.

Start simply by standing and bringing your hands to heart center. Make sure your shoulders are back and down as you inhale reaching up to the sky, lifting your torso up out of your waist. Exhaling with a sigh, inhale back up, exhaling sown through heart center, down through to forward fold. Walk your hands forward ... your feet back .. into down dog, and give yourself a nice stretch. Simply allowing love and joy to flow through your body, down into your heart and all the way through to your soul.

Inhale your right leg up and the exhale your right knee all the way down to your right wrist. Scootching your right foot up in front of you and then relaxing your left leg, your left foot behind you. Quite literally bring the right foot as far in front of you as far as you can go, then pick yourself up and square out your hips to the front. Once you've squared your hips, gently walk your hands all the way out in front of you. Place your palms down on the ground... and don't forget to breathe. As you exhale you are releasing all things you no longer need, through your pals, down into the earth. Quite literally you are grounding yourself into the earth. Just let it all go. Your right side is your masculine side, we are forgiving someone male in our lives, either past, or present... Always forgiving yourself. Please remember to Breathe... Every time you exhale, walk your fingers out just a little further and sink down a little more. Relax into into breathe through it.

Then slowly begin to inhale yourself back up,lifting your torso up... Because, Yes, I do believe in "Hips and Hearts" (Another video) so as you square your hips, inhaling up, square your shoulders and lift your heart to the sky. The more you learn to reach from above, the more your release from below. At this point, it is up to you, please stay where you are, if you have any pain in your knees don't do this, however, if you wish to take it one more step into "Mermaid" start by making sure your hips are square. You simply bend your back knee, as the same hand reaches back to grab your foot, and opposite hand.arm reaches up and over to ultimately, also grab onto your foot. If you need to use a strap, or a belt, or a tie, to extend your reach ... tie one end to your foot and hold onto the other end to slowly bring the two together. When you are first learning, you may find yourself to the side, but really try to square those hips, try to square the entire pose to the front. (if you need to put a block underneath your hip to help get into the pose)

This first side is the right side, your masculine side... again, this side is about learning to forgive someone male in your life, it could be past our present, while always forgiving yourself. Gently release yourself out of this side and bring yourself back into a downward facing dog, to give yourself a beautiful stretch. Down dog allows love and joy to flow freely into our bodies, our hearts and all the way through to your soul.

Then simply take a beautiful inhale and bring your left leg into the air, exhaling your left knee all the way down to your left wrist to reverse the pose. This is your feminine side, this side teaches us to forgive someone female in our lives, either past or present, while always forgiving yourself. Placing your palms on the ground, exhaling and releasing deeper into the pose, releasing your forgiveness into the earth, grounding yourself into mother nature. Remember if you are doing the best you can, that is truly the best you can do. You can't do anything better than that. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have, and that is truly the best we can do. Again go to "Mermaid" or not, whatever feels good to you here. Remember the left side is your feminine side to forgive someone female in our lives, either past or present, while always forgiving yourself.

To bring yourself out, gently release and cone back into a down-dog, to give yourself one more final deep stretch. Allowing all the LoVe to flow through... Breathe.... Fell good about what you are doing... don't ever worry about what you can't do, feel good about simply doing... We are ALL Doing the best we can with what we have, that's the best we can do... Just keep doing it!

Have a beautiful day wherever you are... and as always...

From my heart to yours Namaste... 🙏

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