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"WE" Wednesday... Head to Knee Pose...

We CAN Move Above and Beyond other people's fear and limitations, better than that We CAN move Above and Beyond ... Our Own Fears and Limitations.. Use blocks, books, bend your knee, do what you can as you can, because YOU Can!

We Wednesday, was inspired by the simple thought of "You and ME = WE" as I don't want people to ever feel alone or lonely. That's why I always say, I am only as far away as the internet.

This is a simple stretching pose, that can be done with different levels of variations. Go where it feels comfortable to you, little by little, the more you practice, the deeper your stretch will become. How have to start wherever it works for you, take your time, be patient with yourself and always remember to breathe.

Start by simply standing, take a deep breath in and bring your hands above your head, reach up to the sky, take a deep breath in and exhale with a releasing sigh... to your heart center in prayer, folding through to half fold. walk you hands forward your feet back into downward facing dog.

Give yourself a nice stretch, let the love in. Then inhale up your right leg, bringing your right foot down gently in front of you drop in by your heart, square your hips, then gently bring your head to your knee.

Bend your knee more if it helps you to get your head closer to your knee. Or if this is easy then slowly straighten your leg while keeping your hear to your knee. The idea of this pose is to get your head as close to your knee as possible. The idea is to keep your hips square head to knee anywhere in the We are capable of moving above and beyond anyone else's fear or loimitations, we are able to create any future we believe in.

Then slowly walk yourself to the center, let your torso simply hang between your legs. Knowing that we are free, we can release our past, and our age has absolutely no power over you.

Then slowly walk yourself to the other side. You're going to square your hips to the other side and begin again, by bringing your head to your knee. Head to knee pose. Again, bend that knee more if your need to or straighten your leg out. Anywhere that feels good to you.. The idea again, is to keep your hips square and to bring your head to your knee or anywhere in that direction.

This poses is affirmation, simply reminds us, that our future is anything we make it. That you cannot let other people stop you from your dreams. We can move above and beyond other people's fear and limitations, and even better than that, we can move above and beyond, our own limitations and fears. We are capable of creating any future we desire, all you have to do is believe in yourself. And... remember to breathe...

walk yourself back to center once again, letting your torso dangle between your legs, giving you a nice deep stretch. Remind yourself here in this pose that ... We are free, we CAN release our past and our age will never, ever have any power over us.Then

Open your heart, follow your dreams, BE LoVe....

From my heart to yours...


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