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Touching, Twisting, Tightening Tuesdays... 30-Minute Yoga Flow

Take 30 minutes out of your day today to just ... move... as always, do what you can, don't worry about what you can't... Please enjoy this flow...

30 minute yoga flow to Lighten your heart.. let your worries float away like Bubbles... listen to your body, relax and flow. If you don't have time for a full class, you just want to do a little yoga with me... get your heart rate going and fill it with LoVe and Light at the same time... then ready, set, go... let's FLOW... Simply Because we CAN! Remember You ARE Beautiful... I believe it... it's up to you to believe it.. Please take 30 minutes to love yourself...

"You are energy. Everything around you is energy. You receive their energy when you ask for it. After focusing on any sources of energy, you will get constant flow of immense energy which makes you rise or fall depending on the characteristics of that energy. Love energy is the most sacred energy which is necessary in our all lives. It heals your whole body without any drugs and it is always present everywhere. Just imagine that you are showering with Love energy and God is blessing you with Divine and Spiritual energy." ~ Tejas Patel

IMAGINE, you finding the time to take 30 minutes in your day to just let YOUR Energy FLOW! Be Present for just 30 minutes in your own life. Find the time, to stop and focus on you. Combine a little bit of cardio, with stretching and strengthening. All while using the power of positive affirmations to heal your soul and your body together. Love Energy is simply "LoVe of SELF and others" to practice, is to love yourself. To bless yourself with your own light and replenish your energy. The more you replenish your own "LOVE ENERGY" the better you can enlighten others to replenish theirs. It's all in the circle of LoVe.

Please take the time to spend 30 minutes loving yourself, mind, body, heart and soul! Remember I am only as far away as the internet, I am here to help you.. Do what you CAN do don't ever worry about what you can't do. Follow along, and just Enjoy... "In Joy"

With so much gratitude in my heart.. I wish you and yours... Namaste 🙏🏻

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