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Connie Wayne on YouTube

Hello and Welcome to Connie Wayne on YouTube! I have created this channel as a venue to share “My Message,” I feel compelled to share MY Light with YOU!

In lieu of recent worldly events today I AM reminded that on September 11, 2001; WE as Americans were attacked here at home on our own soil. On that day, WE were ALL “AMERICANS.” I AM feeling the need to remind All of YOU… that on that day, we were not Black, White, Yellow or Brown. We were not Christian, Jewish, Buddhists or Muslim. Those hateful few, who flew those planes, did not care if you were a Neo Nazi sympathizer, bigot, racist, vegan, doctor, lawyer, teacher, Republican or a Democrat.

If you were in those buildings, or on those planes, on that day, YOU were considered An American. In the horror that followed, the devastating loss of life, which turned out to be from all over the world, of all beliefs and ideals. WE All came together as “Americans,” to fight against a common enemy who was trying to take away our rights, our freedoms. We were NOT fighting each other. No one person was superior in any way to any other, to Them, we were All the Same. WE knew that then, and we came together.

Today all these years later, I believe that these devastating fires and storms are a sign of a literal flooding, to wash away the recent hate that has risen too far, in our beautiful Nation. My intention with this channel, is to spread my light brightly, hopefully enough, to encourage you to shine yours as well. WE must rise to the light, and in that way, OUR Light will drown out the darkness. Using breath work, positive affirmations, and a simple regular yoga practice, you can learn to find your calm. Learn to replenish YOUR personal light. Rise about the challenges that lie ahead, however great they may be. If you can remember to BE the Light, in all situations, then ultimately you will feel better.

Life is a challenge, as of late more challenging than usual, please remember to find Your GRACE. Remember that life is clearly happening, and sometimes, things are completely out of our control. The only thing WE Can control is how we react to the challenges that lie ahead. Take a breath, tune in and follow along with me, learn to LoVE YOURSELF. The unimaginable ugliness in this country must be stopped, by the rising of the good. WE will NOT let the hate WIN!

We WILL Shine Brightly as WE ARE THE LIGHT…


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