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A Simple Morning Stretch… Always Believing in An Attitude of Gratitude….

Originally this video was done as a Thankful Thursday stretch. It seemed appropriate to be thankful everyday not just Thursday. Whenever you find life is getting overwhelming... If you need to find a way to slow things down, get back in touch with your body? Please join me for a little deep upper body stretch. Combining the practice of positive affirmations with your body practice you can learn to really calm your thoughts enough to focus on what is best for you. What you need, to complete your calm, to enable you to continue to move forward...

Starting with some Half Tortoise, a calm restful pose, inviting rejuvenation and peace into your life. Peaceful Warrior – learning to get out of your own way. In this life try not to mess yourself up by overthinking things. I believe yoga is a practice of body, but above and beyond that it’s a practice of heart, of soul and of breath. WE, We are learning to breathe, in and out of our poses, in and out of this place we call life. Life it IS so very, very precious, it’s truly all about breathing. Quite literally…

Twist and Stretch, warming up your upper body, relaxing into your life and tying your breath to your body. Peaceful Baby/Child’s Pose… Remembering to listen to your body, to follow you heart. I always say, “If it feels good please do it, if it doesn’t feel good please don’t. The idea always is to feel good.” Rabbit, learning to access your light, your strength, your wisdom, your energy from within.

This flow has been designed to repeat, to really take the time to focus on what you need for the day. So if you feel the need, see if you can set the video to replay, or simply start from the beginning and go through it again. Go through it a couple times and each time, find your way to extend a little further, twist a little deeper, breathe a little calmer. Really take your time, find the grace between breath and body.

Life is Happening, every single day, the only thing we can do is learn to breathe in and out of it….

#Connie Wayne, #Yoga Classes with Connie, #Living Wellness, #We Are the Light

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