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Sadana Saturday.. Breath of LoVe!!!

I LoVe Breath of LoVe... This pose invites into your body, your life, your soul... ALL things, beautiful loving and kind, letting go of anything that no longer serves you... We are bringing in all things we want, we wish we desire... The LoVe the Light... all while Pushing out ... the darkness!

Truly one of my most favorite poses. Anyone can do it... anywhere, at any time...

The message and the LoVe you deliver to yourself, while doing this simple exercise, provides a body and heart cleansing, and can empower your soul.

Just find a comfortable way to sit, preferable in a quiet place. Please feel free to close your eyes while doing this pose. Once you are seated and comfortable, take the time to focus on yourself for a minute on your breath, your thoughts, and then.. simply begin..

As you take a deep breath in, you bring your palms together at your heart, as you exhale push them outward in front of you, your next inhale ... lift your arms above your head.... exhale let them relax to your sides, then begin again ... inhale palms to your heart, and repeat. That's the entire pose. What you need to remember is that as you inhale and bring your hands to your heart in prayer, you are imagining all the things you want to bring into your life. You are telling yourself things like, I am bringing in LoVe and Light, Peace and Hope, Joy and Grace. Use this time to bring yourself a specific message of what your heart truly desires. What is it that you truly want for yourself? Where to you see yourself going in life? Who or what to do you want for yourself? What will bring you your bliss? Then as you inhale your hands to your heart, bring this message directly in.

Next, as you exhale, you push your hands away from your heart, pushing out all the darkness inside, your fears, your worries, your anger, depression, negative thoughts. Imagine this inside your head as you say the words that you need to hear. Things that no longer serve you, things that are not doing you any good, push them out, release them freely with LoVe.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., tried to teach us, if you fill your heart with so much light, then there will be room for the darkness. Use your LoVe of SELF to bring the light into your heart and gently push out your own personal darkness.

Then once you have pushed out the darkness, take a beautiful cleansing breath as you lift your arms high above your head. Take in a deep breath of gratitude for what you have just let go. Then Exhale in complete release of the whole process. Inhale again, with pure intention of LoVe of Self, bringing your palms back together in prayer at your heart and begin the whole pose once again. Continue, over and over and over again, until you feel like you have gotten what you have needed out of this exercise.

Take a final deep cleansing breath, and feel very good about YOU!

As always, from my heart to yours, I wish you and yours...


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