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Manifestation is the Desire of Your Heart...

I Am in the glory of the manifestation of of the Life I Desire!

Savasana is usually done at the end of a class, to allow your body the time to process all the things you have done and regroup for the rest of your day. I started doing these on Sundays to allow yourself the ability to process all the things you've done during the week and regroup for the new week. Find you calm, fill your personal light... Manifest the Life You Desire!

Manifestation Life

In this place we call life we have the blessing of making choices. It sounds so simple and yet so simply overlooked. I Am finding that every step I have taken thus far has led me to this wonderful place I Am Now. We continue to manifest our own destinies daily.

Take the time to stop, breathe, find the way to calm yourself from deep within your heart and soul. I call this letting in the light. Your personal light. It is my opinion, if we can learn to fill our hearts with our own light, then there is no room for darkness. We are thus, manifesting our calm.

When you find your calm, you create the life you desire. Below is a sample of one of my "Sunday Savasana" Videos. This video is designed to help you manifest your calm. Please, feel free to follow along any time you need to re-group and relax. Find your grace, by closing your eyes, lying down and simply breathing.

"Every individual has to give himself what he needs to grow. Believe in your dreams. Have Faith & Hope in what you wanted in your life. In the end, have patience & keep loving yourself & your life every single moment. Once, you will see the manifestation of your desires, then you will understand how the law of universe works. Try this... It is simple to apply & be sure that you don't keep any sort of doubts in your mind because it hampers the whole process." ~ Tejas Patel

For more videos please feel free to follow me here: ConnieWayne on YouTube

From my heart to yours, as always,


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