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Breath of LoVe, Learning to invite the Light and LoVe In!

I LoVe Breath of LoVe... Invite into your body, your life, your soul... ALL things, beautiful loving and kind, breathe out anything that no longer serves you. We are bringing in all things we want, we wish we desire. The LoVe the Light - Pushes out the darkness!

You see, I believe, first and foremost, that we are all in control of our own feelings. In much as to say, that we all have the choice to to feel how we feel. If you don't like the way you feel about something, choose to change how you feel. It is always your choice. For example, in this posture we call "Breath of LoVe" I am emphasizing the notion of bringing in the love.

I express this thought of Light and Love, by filling your heart with things you desire. This is what I call the light. Imagine if you just close your eyes and look deep within your heart to what it is you really want. What do you wish for, desire for you, your life, your body? This is YOUR Light! The darkness is any negative thought that may stop you from inviting in your own peace. Again, this is your choice. The idea of bringing in the light, means your truth, your love will be fulfilling enough you have no more time or desire to worry about anything negative.

Focusing on negative things never helps anyone. This is why I emphasize the use of the light. Your light. I always, tell you to start by breathing, to find your calm. This video is designed to help you find that calm, to gather your thoughts about what it is that YOU really want to make you happy.

Every time you inhale simply bring these thoughts, these desires into a real focus. Envision yourself being this person, feeling these feelings, doing these things. Every time you exhale, release anything that is stopping you from feeling good. Let it Go!

Breath of LoVe... Let Your LoVe IN!

From my heart to yours, as always...


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