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Recovering from my surgery, I'm reminded of school, my speeches, my message...

It's been just under one week since yet another surgery, and today I find myself sitting here in a moment of sheer gratitude. So very thankful for the care, the support and the outpouring of love from my family, friends and all of you! Once again, I find myself working on simple "sitting up" and "standing tasks" and feeling temporarily stuck in a fog from my meds. Then unexpectedly I was reminded of school. Public speaking class, my very first speech, I spoke of having a message to deliver to others. I am here to help others find their calm from within. What I call "Replenishing Your Personal Light."

I believe only Light and LoVe can drive out darkness and that I Am here to spread a message of LoVe of Self, the patience and grace to replenish your personal light. I hope you will follow me along my path, then together WE can share our light with others!"

After this assignment I gave three more speeches, all that followed this same path of "my message and my purpose." If you are interested to see the other three speeches they can be viewed here:

In the end, sitting here now, I am once again reminded... that my mother, her passing, her strength her wisdom, her light... graced me with mine. I am remember now, more than ever, that no matter the challenges that may lie ahead, we all have what we need from within, to carry us where we need to go. That goes for me as well as my trying to help others.

I Know, that finding your calm from within, helps us to learn that everything else falls into place as it should. With... Time, Grace, Patience and Love of Self... ALL things are Possible! My life, my yoga, my education and yes even my surgery, has led me here to this moment in time. I hope you will continue to follow me here online, on my path of self-healing. I'm Looking forward to being well enough to be back in the studios by June 1st..

Until then, as always, from My heart to Yours, Namaste

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