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It's not about what you can't do... It's about what you CAN! It's about letting go o

Let go of your past, move forward with grace and light and always speak the truth from your heart. People don't usually like to hear your truth especially when it is not the same as their own. Do not apologize for the feelings that are real for you. Learn to carry these feelings with grace. Learn to let go of the past, what you cannot control and leave it there. To know that all you can do is the best you can do, never about what you can't do. If you are honestly doing the best you can, with what you have. If you ARE speaking your truth with Love and Grace. Then really I implore you to try to let the past go and focus on all the things you are capable of doing.

Here is a simple Flow to follow along.. As always do what you can don't worry about what you can't... Open your heart release your past.. Move forward with LoVe in Your Heart and Forgiveness in your soul... Because you Can!!!

I like to use the expression - "No expectations No Disappointments," meaning simply, set goal that are achievable, don't set yourself up to fail.

What I have learned over the course of my life, is that you truly can accomplish anything you set your heart to. I think the only limitations sometimes are the ones we set up for ourselves. Even at the onset of the initial thought process, we often here ourselves saying, "Oh but I can't do that." Change your thinking, start with "I can't wait to be able to that!" Set yourself to accomplish something, even if you never make it to your final destination the journey along the way becomes that much more inviting. Building appreciation for what you can do, for your accomplishments! Be proud of who you are and what you've accomplished thus far.

No one ever said life was going to be easy, well quite honestly it's not. But no one also said, it wouldn't be a heck of a ride...and it most certainly is! This is your life this is your opportunity to make yourself into anything you want to be. You are never too old, too tired or incapable of doing something new, if the desire is true. It is completely up to you. Don't let the voices in your head, or in some cases maybe the voices in your home or your life stop you form doing what you believe to be true for you. If it involves Love of Self, replenishing your own personal light, fighting for and finding your own truth. Then Just DO IT! The best you can with what you have.

Nothing in this life is promised or guaranteed, we have to work for what we want, for what we believe in. Follow your heart, don't ever let anyone else smash your dreams, walk tall in your believe in you. It takes time, patience, and constant consistent practice of mind, body, heart and soul. Make a commitment to yourself to Love yourself enough not to let anyone else's darkness ever shadow over the light that you shine. Let your light shine so brightly there is no room for yours or anyone else's darkness. Take care of YOU! Let that past go... Move forward with Love ... always...

From my heart to yours,


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