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Holding on to Negative things doesn't help Anyone.. Dis..Ease.. is derived from keeping things i

As it turned out .. for a homework assignment, I had to do create a video with the effects we learned and upload it to YouTube. I chose ... Sadana Saturday.. with "Breath of Fire" it's about "letting go" .. I always say... "if it's bugging you or upsetting you, not making you happy, then breathe it out of your body, out of your life... Please move forward with LoVE... IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO DO SO... Choose to move forward with LoVe Always...

I know dis- ease.. , dis-comfort, ill health, low self esteem, whether biological or emotional is never cared for by holding on to the negative things in your life. "Breath of Fire" is quite literally designed to let things go, to "BREATHE THEM OUT." Breathe them out of your body walk away, move forward without regret, without anxiety, without the stress you carry from holding on.

In my own life as well as the people I love, I have seen how holding on to negatives can eat someone up from the inside out.. I realize some things, many are out of our control, this is when I suggest you breathe.... Well, sometimes you CAN control how you feel, again I will suggest you breathe... How we breathe and when we breathe can change our daily lives, our health, our well being. What is the definition of insanity? Repeating the same things, expecting different results? CHANGE... If nothing at all change How YOU BREATHE!

Sunday Savansa is all about slowing things down, finding your calm. Breath of Fire is guttural, from your diaphragm, deep breath in from your nose and quick exhales out of your mouth. Feel it down deep in your gut, pull out the heartache the dis-pair, dis-belief - push it out of your body. Leave it there wherever you are and when you are done, be done, walk away and leave it behind. It may take time and practice and repetition. We didn't gather these things in mere moments, for most the internal struggles are real. Sometimes real lifetimes of holding on.

So above all in the end, remember GRACE! The Grace to know it will not all go away in just one practice, that we must continue to remember to practice to breathe. Whether the calm breath or one of fire. treasure yourself enough to give yourself grace to get to the place you need to be You WILL get there, when you are supposed to.

Until then... just BREATHE!!!!!!!

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