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Sunday Savasana - Happy Rosh Hashana ... Shana Tova!

Hello there… Beautiful People,

Happy Sunday and a Beautiful Rosh Hashana ... I am finding myself overwhelmed with the need to reach back out to you all. This last year brought me wonderful new experiences in addition to my continued education. However, I have been hearing from my friends, my students and my own body, that my yoga practice has been lacking. I apologize for not having done anything new for a while, yet feel there is much to offer in my original videos.

Today begins the “Jewish New Year” so I felt it a perfect day to begin again… and re-introduce some of my favorite videos from the past. My intention with these videos has always been to provide a source of informative motivational movement, to help others. I am going back to posting my daily videos, each associating something to incorporate into some part of your days. I hope you find these videos helpful and easy to follow. Please know I’ve made these videos myself and although they were done with love and care, not always perfectly accurate or completely clear. Please allow yourself to listen to my voice… hear the messages … then follow along with your body.

As an effort to assist in bringing mindfulness back, I will begin today with a Sunday Savasana. For me personally, this particular evening, represents the beginning of new things to come. I feel that in order to gratefully receive new things on their way, we must learn to fully appreciate and absorb the things we have accomplished thus far. Just like with Savasana, it is used at the end of a yoga practice to process, absorb and appreciate what your body and soul have been through. Please feel free to use this video to process, absorb and appreciate your own personal past, so that you can clearly move forward in a positive direction.

Play it tonight as we Celebrate the bringing in of a New Year, and all the things we hope and desire for ourselves in this new Year. Or, as I say in the video, this practice is not only for Sundays, it can be done every night, or at any point, in any day, that you simply need to slow down your thoughts. This way, you can proceed with whatever it is you wish to accomplish, in a more calm and positive manner.

These videos and my messages are simply put out there, to let people know they are not alone. That I am only as far away as the internet. I am not a doctor and do not offer any medical advice, I simply wish to help others find “Yoga with LoVe, through My LoVe of Yoga … One Breath at a Time.”

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