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Magical Monday... Half Tortoise.. Into Peaceful Warrior

Often there are times in our lives when we find ourselves completely running out of energy, but simply must keep going. When you feel like you need a nap.. some rest.. some rejuvenation, but do not have enough time... do Half Tortoise... It has been said that if you can mange to stay still in this pose for at least 5 minutes, it can almost feel like a half an hour nap. Relax into it, while maintaining the integrity in your form, and create a full expression to get the best stretch along your spine. Arms outstretched in front of you, with only the knife edge of your pinkies touching the ground. If you have lower back issues this can also be a form of great relief. Half Tortoise is a very self-empowering pose.

Then when you've found that inner relaxation, gently turn your hands over to place your palms on the ground. Keep your feet together and simply separate your knees... Slowly walk your hands out in front of you you to relax down into Peaceful Warrior... this pose teaches us to get out of our own way... placing your hands down allows you to quite literally, ground yourself into the earth... to, relax and let go of the things that no longer serve you ..... Take long deep conscientious breaths, in and out of your nose. Every inhale fill your tummy full of air, every exhale walk your fingers out just a little further, to stretch into the pose just a little deeper.

We are trying to breathe in and out of our poses, so that one day, we can learn to breathe in and out of this place we call "life." Learn to take even just a few minutes to yourself, all by yourself, to stretch, to calm your thoughts, to catch up on some well deserved and needed rest and self-care. Do it for ... YOU!

From my heart to yours... Namaste

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