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"WE" Wednesday.. Continued from Touch your toes Tuesday Down Dog...

Since these are slightly older videos they may be a little out of order... "WE" Wednesday was always designed to remind you, that you are never alone, that I am only as far away as the internet. Today's video actually follows the video I shared yesterday, both in poses, as well as, sharing these with my daughter in the videos, an extra "WE" for Me!

This video is a variation to do while in your full Down dog expression. It is this simple exercise of bringing one knee to one elbow, your nose, and then the other elbow... I know after my last surgery I thought this was quite literally impossible... This posture can be expressed even further and deeper and one day I hope to do this all the way on into a full arm balance..

And then even further on from there. Yoga is a continual growing process.. and I am so very thankful for Emily taking this journey with me.. We learn, we grow... We grow ... We learn..

Please don't ever feel intimated to simply begin. I mentioned about my surgery, I have actually had many, and 4 separate surgeries that involved an incision in my lower abdomen from hip to hip. When I say I never thought I would do this exercise again, I mean that truly. After my last surgery, the idea of bringing my knee anywhere seemed fairly impossible. However, what you need to remember is that you simply need to start somewhere, even if it seems like the very tiniest motion to you, go thoroughly through the motion as best you can and breathe.

The more you do, the more you can do. The more you can do, the more you will do.. Don't forget to breathe... and just keep going...

Have a Beautiful Day.. From my heart to yours.. Namaste🙏

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