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Thankful Thursday... Just a simple stretch with Gratitude...

I AM Thankful for my loving family and friends, my daily blessings, the beautiful people who come to my classes, I AM thankful for YOU! Please, please, please, remember It's not about what you can't do.. It's always about what you CAN do! Just do what you can... The rest will come... with patience, self-love and always gratitude...

It's really just that simple. Some of these videos I hope will explain how easy it is to just begin. Yoga doesn't ever have to be overwhelming, it is suppose to draw on your own natural abilities, and then improve from there. I laugh at this video, because I can always hear the voices in my head, just like at the beginning when I say to put your feet together and open your knees. Yes, I know my knees flop right open, which for some can even seem impossible, but it's not. As with all other poses, and as with life, it takes...time, patience and practice.

Some of these videos thus far I have shown you, anyone can do, from anywhere, at any time. Some of my videos will be more complex flows, please try them all. As I continually say, it's not about what you can't do, it's about what you can. Take a simple pose like this, sit and practice and relax into it, gradually your knees will fall lower and lower and lower. Open those hips! I will get into hips, later, but my usual quote is: "Whatever the question is in yoga, the answer is always, Open Your Hips."

I digress, the purpose of today's video is to explain how body and mind work together. Thankful Thursdays, is also a practice of yoga of the mind and soul. Yoga is not only about your body. However, as you work through poses, you will allow your heart and soul to follow you.

I encourage you to take gentle poses like this one to focus on "Gratitude." It follows every path we journey in our lives. Being grateful for things like, "What we Can DO" allows our heart to be open and fill up with even more.

LoVe encourages more LoVe, Change encourages more Change, just keep going, and always remember to breathe. Inhale a giant breath of everything loving, kind, beautiful and joyous. Exhale anything that no longer serves you... Relax into your pose... be gentle with yourself, have gratitude in all aspects of your life.

Please allow your soul the pleasure of this dance inside your body. Be kind to yourself and follow your heart.

Have a wonderful day... from my heart to yours,


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