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Sunday Savasana ... Relaxation, Meditation... Breathe...

Savasana is usually done at the end of practice to allow your body a chance to process everything you just did... I like to do Savasana on Sunday, so you can process your week and prepare for a new one...

Please remember, you can tune in and do this practice any time, you need to just stop, relax and breathe... It can be done Anytime of day any day of the week, maybe you just need to slow down and relax... If you're having a bad day/moment, if you're feeling like you can't breathe, I encourage you to try a Sunday Savasana video with me. Find a place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, simply close your eyes.. and allow yourself to enjoy.. "In Joy"

Begin by lying down flat on your back, close your eyes and your mouth, with your arms relaxed gently beside you, your legs below you. You are simply focusing on your breath, deep cleansing breaths, in and out of your nose...

As you inhale you fill your tummy full of air, breathing in... all things loving , kind, beautiful, joyous and good. You are inviting into your body, into your life ... LoVe and light, peace and hope, courage, wisdom, strength, integrity, honesty, clarity, gratitude. We are always, always... inviting gratitude into our hearts, our bodies, our souls.

As you exhale, you release that breath slowly lowering your tummy down deep into your spine. You are releasing anything that no longer serves you, simply letting go. If its bothering you bugging you, breathe it out of your body, out of your thoughts, out of your life.

This is breathing through your diaphragm, this is your calming breath. This is the breath I hope you take in and out of your practices, as well as, eventually the breath you take in and out of your life.

Please allow you entire body to relax from the very tips of your toes, through the balls of your feet, your arches, your heels, ankles, calves, your shins. Relax your knees, your thighs , your hips, your pelvis. Relax your tummy, your rib cage, and please, please, relax your heart. Relax your shoulders, your arms, your elbows, your wrists, hands, your fingers. Relax your neck, your cheeks, eyes, your mouth, face, forehead, your head, just let you light shine beautifully out of the crown of your head.

I truly believe that each and everyone of us is a beautiful vessel filled with light. Every time we practice, every time we meditate, every time we do something to honor ourselves we are replenishing and refilling our personal lights. In that way, I really do believe, that no matter how dark... any darkness may seem, if WE continue to shine our lights brightly, then there will always be enough light for everyone to see.

We are beautiful people, we are LoVed and we are LoVing, we are having this beautiful experience we call Life... You simply need to remember to breathe....

Calm your thoughts, be at peace with who you are, where you are, what you are... and be Open to Receive... with LoVe!

As always, from my heart to yours,


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